The project takes inspiration from the concept of the double, one of the most recurrent themes in the works of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. “Mirrors and copulation are abominable, since they both multiply the numbers of man” wrote Borges in one of his short stories. I worked in this imaginary in order to visualize that not only the reflection conveys a great deal about the distortion of any attempt to capture the reality but also elaborates the traps in which the subjects may find themselves.
The reflection of the young photographed subjects is nothing more than the need to visualize one's identity, in order to observe and understand oneself deeply. But is it really possible to identify oneself through reflection? Can the virtual reflected component really manage to escape the observing act distortion? I see this process as a construction of another side of themselves that becomes more and more alive, like a "new born" that makes its way from the subconscious and becomes inexorably visible and concrete. For this reason, I also worked on identification of the generative act principle recognizing it as a functional device to multiply and disseminate the universe.These photographs are an experiment that seeks to gather and visualize the meaning of perception and vision distortion with the aim to represent the illusive nature of being.