Observing oneself becomes a chimeric experience when we do not recognize the other one in front of us. Seeing one's reflection involves the loss of the real perception of one's self. There is the conception of the stranger, the emergence of a new figure that is perceived as a double.
The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, deals with the theme of double and multiplication by making an almost obsessive reference to the element of the mirror: "mirrors and copulation are abominable, since they multiply and propagate the number of men" is just one of many references between the pages of his stories and poems.
Based on the Borgesian symbolist imagery, this photographic project investigates the meaning of the illusory nature of being, the sensation of loss of balance deriving from it and the possibility of recover oneself. Is it possible to annihilate one's double and find the personal identity through your own reflection?


C41 Magazine